Lodge from Home

Cape York Accounting has many clients in Cape York Peninsula, interstate and overseas who find it difficult to attend the office to have their tax returns prepared and lodged.

We offer a service to prepare these returns with information mailed, faxed or emailed into our office and it has worked extremely well for many years.

If you wish to have your tax return prepared this way, simply follow the step by step guide below:

Step 1. Download our Client Information Sheet and complete the form.
Step 2. Download our Client Deduction Sheet and complete the form.
Step 3. Download our Income Declaration form, read the first page and record your details on the second page.
Step 4. If you were in receipt of Centrelink payments during the financial year, and you have mislaid your Centrelink statement, download our Centrelink Authority, and sign the bottom line.
Step 5. Mail, fax, or scan and email the above completed forms , and send with all of your PAYG Payment Summaries (old name for Group Certificates) from employers, and Centrelink Payment Summary (if applicable).

We have a target of three working days to prepare your tax return (provided we have all the required information). We can then arrange to send it back to you for signatures. As soon as the signed copy is returned to this office, it can be lodged